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Post by *.*Kryptonite*.* on Wed Jan 23, 2013 10:02 pm


  • Add New, Locked/New/No-New/Popular/Announcement/Sticky/Global Announcements, Images

  • Added New Ranks

  • Added New Titles Including Official Council Member, Official NAPX Founder, Official NAPX Member, NAPX Novice, NAPX Trainee, NAPX Game Junkie, NAPX Regular, NAPX Apprentice.*

  • Added Reputation, Points, And Rank images.**

  • Created Council Usergroup, Added Disturbed3211 As Moderator, Also First Council Member.

  • *(All Ranks Come With A Rank Name and Image)

  • **(All Council, Admins, And moderators Are Rainbow Others Are Gold) They are in Segments of 25% Each so The More You Post the more Your Your Bar Goes Up. After 1 Post Your Bar Will Show, After 10 Posts Your Bar will Have 25% of it filled in, After 100 Posts It Show You Bar At 50% At 300 Posts It will Show You At 75%, And After 500 Posts Your Bar Will Show you at 100%.))


  • Changed Council Usergroup Color

  • Updated memberlist.

  • Added IWinULooz Into Council.

  • Added "Xbox Member" Usergroup.

  • Updated Clans "About Us" Thread


  • Added Community, PS3, and PC Usergroups

  • Updated Council Color

  • Started Up Rush Team Clan With Disturbed3211

  • Good news: Recruitment Has Been Going Well!


  • Added Disturbed3211 To Admin Status, Congrats Man!

Official NAPX Founder/ Council
Official NAPX Founder/ Council

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