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Post by *.*Kryptonite*.* on Sat Jan 26, 2013 3:44 pm

Welcome, Thanks for taking an interesting in Our Clan, before you go and Browse our forum We ask You to read our Code of Conduct Thread, When You are done reading that Stop In The chatbox and talk to us sometime, We aren't a Super Exclusive Clan, so if You think You have what it takes to be in our group Let us Know via PM to anyone of our Council Members,(List of Council Members Can be Found Here ), Our Xbox Division has been temporarily shut down, as we are focusing on expanding our PC gaming primarily.

If You Play On Dat Good Ole PC/Mac And want to Be tested, Please Send A Video Clip of Your Gameplay (Not Necessary, But Help) to Kryptonite or Disturbed3211

Now A Little About Our Selves, We were formed January 12, 2013 By Kryptonite, With only One thing in mind, To make an awesome gaming community for all Gamers, He was Later Joined By Friends Disturbed3211 and Lamorak, Currently Everything is Being built from the ground up. Currently This Forum, Youtube, and RushTeam Are the only things up and running. Nova Paradox also enjoys playing Minecraft and we invite any members or guests that are interested to join us in our servers. We are Looking for More games to expand to and More Members to recruit, So go Ahead, Send in that Application to our Council We would love to have you join us on our "Gamers Revolution".

We are not a Clan, We are a Community (a family if you may), But are A Clan at the same time. Confused Yet? Let Me Explain, We Are a Clan Based Website, but We Do Not Care Who joins, Very Few People Get Invited into NAPX, Anyone Not in NAPX is A Member just the same Just not an Official one, They are our Community; Our Friends; Our Family.


Founder <:> Kryptonite
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Official NAPX Founder/ Council
Official NAPX Founder/ Council

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